About Hannah’s Studio

Welcome to Hannah’s Studio. Students interest and abilities vary when entering the studio. With this in mind students will follow a personalized study course. Please take time to read all of the information below so that you gain insight into how Hannah’s Studio operates.

Teaching Philosophy

The Studio’s philosophy is one based on stimulating the students desire to learn. This is done through a balance of theory, ear training, and creative compositions. We believe that students acheive more through inspiration than obligation.

In working with adult students we have a faster pace program available that combines theory and ear training to allow adults the ability to play improvisational chord progressions, meaning they can play most popular songs (including religious and Christmas) within a short period of time.


Throughout the teaching year, students are assigned composers to study their technique and style of composition. They then mimic aspects of this composer’s work in their own piece. Songwriting, with lyrical emphasis, is also overseen and guided in those who show initiative and desire.


Hannah’s Studio hosts 2 Piano Recitals every year. There is a Spring recital and a Christmas recital that students are encouraged to participate in. The basic performance skills are taught before and it is an opportunity for family and friends to share in the students progress.


Theory is extremely important to the overall growth of any musician. Some testing is involved to make sure that the student is consistently progressing. Composition reinforces the theory one has learned as they are challenged to application not just memorization. One may choose to enter a theory testing program. (Additional costs are required for these events.)

Ear Training

Students begin to learn scales early on and then move into interval training and, finally, chord recognition. Students learn to apply the use of the ear as soon as possible. Some students have a natural ear and this is encouraged at Hannah’s Studio. We believe that a natural musician must be balanced however, so the incorporation of technique will help the student work on their weaknesses while using their strengths.