Your music journey begins here, at Hannah's Studio, where strong musical foundations are at the forefront of everything we do.

Offering an encouraging environment for students of all ages and skill levels to explore their musical interests.

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Providing Music Foundations

Hannah's Studio uses the piano to teach in a way that can transfer into other instruments or styles. Lessons available for students of all ages and skill levels.

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Group lessons

Our music classes fit every learning style. New or seasoned, students gain the experience of playing music with others, and performing on their own in a classroom setting. Peer accountabilty and teamwork is developed in a group setting, and we design special lesson plans to help you progress at your pace. Theory and ear training help build independent learning for all ages.  

Summer camps

We offer immersive summer camps for various instruments like piano, guitar, voice and musical theature. Students can play with peers and gain performance technique. 

How Group lessons work

Music study can be an isolating experience with little recognition. Group lessons merge independent and communal learning in an encouraging atmosphere that facilitates musical growth while building relationships.   

Class structure

Hannah's Studio groups classes by musicianship and age. With no more than six students per class, both group learning and individual growth are achieved. Group lessons are scheduled with the school year in mind. One hour, once a week with two recitals a year. 


 Monthly membership is $85 for the first child, and $75 for each additional sibling. This includes recital fees and classroom expences. Books are an additional one time fee at the beginning of each year.  


Our year-long courses are divided into two semesters, with an optional summer advancement program. Grow at your own pace with flexible home practice tailored to your family's schedule.  

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Hear from happy parents

Hannah's music lessons foster confidence and creativity in students of all ages and skill levels. See what parents have to say about their children's positive experiences.

  •  Hannah has been our family’s piano teacher since 2017! She has had four of our kiddos come through her studio, and we couldn’t be more pleased. They have learned to read music and play piano, but they’ve also benefited so much from Hannah’s prayerful guidance and attention to more than just their musical education.

    Elizabeth Duncan

  • Both of our children (age 11 and 14) take music lessons from Mrs. Elster and really enjoy it. Our daughter takes voice and piano from her and our son is learning guitar. They have improved so much working with Mrs. Elster. She makes it fun for them! We are thankful she is willing to share her many talents and teach them so well!

    Annie Parker

  • Hannah taught beginner lessons to my school age daughter for several years, when Hannah was teaching in our area. Over that time, my daughter's piano skills developed beautifully. Hannah was encouraging and kind to her and supported me when I needed her to help me get my daughter to commit to her practice times. This strong foundation really helped my daughter to grow confident in her skills ­ and helped instill a lifelong love of piano and music. Now, as a pianist with around 6­–7 years of experience, she continues playing, takes advanced lessons and even plays for daily school assembly and school concerts. (And I never have to ask her to practice!)

    Kristen Ashman

Contact Hannah's Studio

Send inquiries to Hannah's Studio through contact form below, or call us at 512-550-8700 

In person lessons

We provide group music lessons at our portable studio locations. Message for a list of open classes offered in the Greenville area.